To Kill a Mockingbird

Who really killed Bob Ewell?

We are led to believe by the popular consensus that Boo killed Ewell, but take into consideration that maybe it was the sheriff for the good of Maycomb?

Just a theory.

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Boo Radley killed Bob Ewell! End of argument!

you are totally right. it is totally obvious that boo killed bob ewell. otherwise atticus would not ask that random question about the knife or that boo for scout and jem. duh


All the evidence points to Arthur as the killer.

All the evidence might point to Boo but Tate had to of been there when Ewell was killed...because when everything grew quiet and Scout was calling out for Jem and heard no reponse it "slowly came to me [her]that there were now FOUR people under the tree." Now, Ewell had struggled over to the tree, thats one, Jem might of been unconscious near the tree, thats two, Boo since he was the one who carried Jem to the house, thats three, and for the fourth unless Mrs. Harper Lee made a mistake (which I highly doubt) the only other person that could of been under that tree was Mr. Heck Tate. But I might be very wrong, that sentence out of the whole book was the only thing I didnt understand.

Maria, the four people are Jem, Arthur, Bob Ewell, and Scout herself.

has anyone taken into consideration that perhaps it could have been jem? Boo Radley seems like the obvious spark to the story who kills the bad guy, but it could very well have been jem.

Jordyn, Jem did not have a knife. Bob's was the switchblade, and that wasn't used in the murder.

If Jem had killed Bob, Heck Tate would have told Atticus this. It would clearly have been self-defense. All Tate's lines point to Arthur as the killer.

I think it was Boo that killed him, but its interesting that Scout has the thought that the man carrying Jem appears to be 'carrying a load too heavy for him'. Which may indicate he used all of his strength fighting off Bob. It also could be considered a reference for Boo to carry the symbolic 'weight' of having just killed a man.

i believe that arthur killed him. but just because scout says Arthur cant carry him doesn't point out that arthur did it. He was a weak man, he never leaves the house and pale when she see's him. all scout is saying is that hes not strong enough to carry jem because he has no strength to begin with. A man with a lifestyle like arthur wouldnt have any strength to carry like a 12 or 13 year old.

It could have actually been an accident and not a conspiracy exactly how Harper wrote it. Scout makes mention of how white Arthur's hands were at the house. He couldn't have had time to wash them and while I've never witnessed a stabbing, I believe it would cause at least some blood to get on a person's hands.

Well it is really misterious.

So curious about it.

The thing is in both the original movie and book they hint to the fact that it is Boo. I got it from both. And i am not 100% sure but i believe they referred to the tittle with it would be like killing a mocking bird because all Boo ever did was help them and watch over them for example while the houses where on fire he came out and gave Scout a blanket so it wouldn't be too cold for her.

I think you guys are all overlooking the the real culprit, Tom's ghost

i think scout may of done it..."i ran in the direction of Jem's scream and sank into a flabby male stomach"

or it could of been boo...

just a theory.

yea it could have been scout

It was Boo. Jem went unconscious from shock after Bob broke his arm. Scout would have mentioned something about killing him because she is the narrator. This leaves Bob and someone else under the tree. Bob coughing due to his lungs filling with blood, or Boo coughing "his dreadful raling cough." Heck gives us a hint that Boo is the only one who knows what happened when he says, "'d take somebody MIGHTY USED TO THE DARK to make a competent witness..."

Boo Radley clearly killed Bob Ewell. Throughout the whole book Boo was being nice to the kids, he gave them gifts though the tree and he placed a blanket on Scout. That night when Jem broke his arm they were close to the Radley house, Boo heard them Scout and Jem yelling and came to the rescue. Since Bob was going to kill them Boo killed hime first in an effort to save his friends. Also why would Boo have come to the Finch's house after unless he was involved?

Clearly Boo killed Bob Ewell, the sheriff took the knife from Boo and replaced t with the knife Bob Ewell had to make it look as if he fell on his knife.

If you are writting an essay on this then I suggest that you debate all possible subjects then make a personal conclusion.

Have a nice day :D


gcse books, my brain

Um i think its Arthur (Boo) Radley. Um but they never really say so if your writing a report i would suggest putting that its implied that its Arthur (but never really stated).


Read the book...

My theory is that Boo Radley was trying to kill Jem and Scout, and when Bob Ewell heard the screams, he came running to help, not realizing that it was Jem and Scout. When Boo realized that someone had heard the commotion, he decided to cut his losses and look like the hero by killing Bob Ewell. Then, he brought Jem and Scout home so that he wouldn't be caught.

Scout even mentions that their savior, "...had probably been at the pageant, and was in the vicinity...must have heard our screams and come runnning" (356). Also, Boo was rumored to be a creeper, and these rumors must have started because of some truth. He constantly watched and stalks the children.


The book

Obviously, the culprit is a mocking bird. The items left in tree's knot hole were clearly left by a mocking bird, no explanation needed. a knife was left in the tree, so we know that this bird has access to weapons. The murder took place under a TREE, the perfect place for a mocking bird to get in and out unnoticed. A mocking bird grasping a knife in its talons could easily go through a mans chest, as a mocking bird can fly at speeds up to 95km per hour. Lastly, at the end, when they were covering up the murder with Heck Tate, they said that revealing the killer would be like killing a mocking bird!


To Kill A Mocking Bird and

i was told that Arthur (Boo) killed Bob, because Mr. Tate basically said it to Atticus. Also Mr. Tate said he toke the switch blade from a drunk, which was Bob, he tried to kill the kids with a switch blade, and Boo had the kitchen kinife that killed Bob.


The book gave me the information.

I would say Boo Radley killed Bob Ewell. The facts lead straight to it.

Cole h: The coughing was from Boo. As you see in the book when Boo Radley was coughing in the Finch's house and he couldn't help from restraining a cough in this scene.

Once Jem broke his arm and other injuries, he went into shock and becomes unconscious due to all the pain in his body.

As somebody mentioned, If Jem was to kill Ewell, she would have mentioned it. Scout was also defenseless on the ground, pinned to the ground by Bob Ewell and then the force was raised. Scout also says she feels a belt, whiskers of a beard and something she couldn’t identify.

Everything points to Boo Radley killing Bob Ewell. Officer Heck Tate only covers for Boo because he doesn’t feel that Boo should be locked up again for saving the Atticus children. Boo (and Tom Robinson) is considered to be a mockingbird in this story because he doesn’t harm anybody (excluding the incident with his father). As they say in the book, “It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”


"To Kill a Mockingbird" (Harper Lee)