To Kill a Mockingbird

who are mocking birds and why

help i need to know who are mocking birds and why are they,also is dill one

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Boo"Radley is one of the "mockingbirds", a good and innocent person injured by the evil of mankind.

Yes, Charles Baker Harris is a mockingbird.

Tom Robinson is also a mockingbird.

-did not rape Mayella, but he was still convicted because he was a black.

-a white man's word is stronger than a black's.

-used as a scapegoat for Bob Ewell doings on Mayella (ie the bruises)

-treated with hostility in court although he was polite (because he is a black)

Scott and Jem are "mockingbirds".

During the trail, this two kids have witness so much injustice from the society. They become to understand the negative side so that they are not so-called

Scout and Jem are also mockingbirds when people stare at them for being Atticus Finch's children.