To Kill a Mockingbird

white under class..

i have an essay to do with the title : how does the novel alert us to the plight of the white under class of its time?

can you help me with some ideas?


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It's been a while, but I would point to the Cunninghams as a pretty good example of the plight of the white underclass. There is Mr. Cunningham's "entailment" (check my spelling) and the fight Scout gets into when she tries to tell the new teacher that Cunninghams' won't accept charity. These people have been hit hard by poverty and you should be able to build a decent essay off of the references to this one family alone.

Good Luck!

Ewells are also part of the white underclass. Scout points this out when she observes that Mayella is like a mixed child: whites won't have anything to do with her because she lives among pigs.