To Kill a Mockingbird

Which sentence best summarizes chapter 11

a. Jem loses his head and cuts off Mrs. Dubose's camellia tops after she insults Atticus and the children,Atticus makes him go back to read to her and Atticus tells Scout about the Robinson case.

b.Jem and Scout wait for the alarm clock to ring at Mrs. Doubose's house

c. Mrs. Dubose dies and leaves a camellia flower for Jem in a candy box.

d.Mrs. Doubose calls Atticus a "nigger-lover' and Scout does not know what that means.

I think it's C but any other opinions?

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Jem's anger at Mrs.Dubose's calling Atticus 'a nigger lover' leads him to destroy her prized camellias in a fit of anger. Sentenced to read to her, her discovers that she is a tough fighter who needs his services to distract her as she fights a morphine addiction. Atticus uses her as an example for the children as he acknowleges her courage in quitting the painkiller independently.