To Kill a Mockingbird

Which Characters are Mockingbirds?

Describe why so?

I would really appreciate it any help!


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I would also like to know this

A mockingbird is any character who is unfairly treated, or "shot at" for no reason.

The children are shot at by Mr. Avery, who blames them for the snow.

Dill is shot at by his new stepdad, who buys him toys but won't spend time with him.

Arthur Radley is shot at by the community who believes he is a "malevolent phantom."

Atticus is shot at for defending a Negro.

Tom is shot at by people who assume he is guilty.

Mayella is shot at by her father because he abuses her and beats her.

Mrs. Dubose is shot at by Jem when he ruins her flowers because she yelled at him, when her illness causes her to say inappropriate things.

Scout is shot at by Miss Stephanie who teases her about going to court.

Scout is shot at by Miss Fisher who doesn't want her to read.

The children are shot at by Bob Ewell when he tries to kill them.

A host of other examples are in the book.

tom robinson and boo radley are mocking birds. tom is a nice person who would only help mayella with chores.everyday he passed her house she would ask for help and he never accepted pay. boo radley did join a bad crowd as a teenager but being locked up in his house kept him having a childs mentle state.using the oak tree was his only cummunication with the outside world.he showed that he was a gentle man with his pocketwatch.he also showed that he was a smart kid with the spelling bee award.during the whole novel boo never didi harm except when he killed bob ewell. in all it was to save the boos time alone he obviosly became very shy so heck tate didi not want to put boo on trial for murder because it would kill boo to be on a spotlight that way.both tom and boo qualify as mocking birds because they caused no harm to others and only gave. hope this helped.