To Kill a Mockingbird

Which Character in the Story best represents the Mockingbird Metaphor?

I was thinking of Tom Robinson, but I wasn't really sure. If you could tell me who you think the character is and give at least 3 examples (with or without quotes, chapter would be awesome though) , as I have to write a 5 Paragraph Essay. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Both Tom and Boo are both Mockingbirds: they were both innocent men trying to bring a little happiness into the world but were instead "attacked". Atticus's directive to  Scout ,earlier in the novel, was  to not shoot Mockingbirds because they only bring joy to the world. Both Tom and Boo helped people they thought needed it. Although Tom was a huge muscular man, he was emotionally vulnerable. Boo, also a grown man, was emotionally and intellectually vulnerable. Racial bigotry, in the case of Tom, and human nature to attack what people do not understand (Boo)  harms these most vulnerable mockingbird figures.