To Kill a Mockingbird

What ways did they Travel in to Kill a Mockingbird?

So I have a project where I have to compare how they traveled at the time To Kill a Mockingbird takes place to the present of how we travel today. I need some help finding quotes and some short facts.

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Almost everyone walked....

Mr. Radley walked to town at eleven-thirty every morning and came back promptly at twelve, sometimes carrying a brown paper bag that the neighborhood assumed contained the family groceries.

Cecil Jacobs, who lived at the far end of our street next door to the post office, walked a total of one mile per school day to avoid the Radley Place and old Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose.

They drove...

Atticus drove her home in the car.

They took trains.....

"Two days later Dill arrived in a blaze of glory: he had ridden the train by himself from Meridian to Maycomb Junction..."

When Uncle Jack jumped down from the train Christmas Eve day, we had to wait for the porter to hand him two long packages.







To Kill a Mockingbird