To Kill a Mockingbird

what new things does scout learn here about how black people live?

from the book to kill a mockingbird.

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There are a couple of instances when Scout visits the black section of Maycomb. I think her greatest education took place when she visited Calpurnia's black church with her brother Jem. Here Scout witnesses a type of poverty but with dignity. The huts the blacks lived in were small, sparse but clean. The church was run down; they could not even afford hymn books. Scout did learn that the blacks in Maycomb had a strong sense of community. They all pitched in for Tom Robinsons wife. They banded together to support each other. They were both humble and welcoming, with the exception of one lady, to Jem and Scout. Scout noticed that, although they had next to nothing, there was a contentment to be found that did not exist in the white community.