To Kill a Mockingbird

What made Dill sick? What did Mr. Dolphus Raymond give Dill, and why does Mr. Raymond drink Coke from a paper bag? Is it to preserve heat... or...


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The case of Tom Robinson I believe.

Mr. Raymond gave Dill his Coke and pulled out another Coke for himself.

What, what Devean? I really don't know what you're talkking about unless you tell me...

I don't know why he drinks out of a paper bag.

No I don't think it was to preserve heat. I think it was just to make the bag soggier or something. I really don't know why...


to Kill a mockingbird

Dill, like Scout and Jem, is horrified at what is taking place the court. The brash injustice, ignorance and bigotry of the jury (and many of the citizens of Maycomb) is too much to handle so he feels sick.

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