To Kill a Mockingbird

What is scout(Jean Louis Finch) learning experiences in chapter 4 and 5

both in separate answers

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Chapter four is more subtle about learning. Both kids contend with their "gifts" inside the tree. I think this is also Scout's first hint that Boo may not be the monster they make him out to be. When Scout rolled in on a tire into the Radley steps, she thought she heard the sound of someone laughing inside.

In Chapter five I think they both learn more about their affect on Boo Radley. Atticus admonishes Scout, Jem and Dill for using silly games to lure Boo out. Atticus, in his rational way, explains that Boo has a right to his privacy, he deserves the same dignity afforded to anybody else regardless of how he is perceived.

What is scout learning experiences in chapter 11 and 21?


Two separate answers they can be short