To Kill a Mockingbird

what have you learned from to kill a mockingbird and why

i earned that long ago some towns or pretty much the whole U.S, blacks and whites were never allowed to be under the same roof, in the book To Kill A Mockingbird racism is taken seriously. The book To Kill A Mockingbird is mainly about a black man named Tom Robinson, accused of raping a white woman named Mayella. There was a rule for the town of Maycomb that if you were white or black you weren't allowed to see or be in contact with the opposite race. In the courtroom, Mayella was trying to prove Tom guilty of raping her, but I myself think Mayella is quilty. She was the one to commit a crime or break a rule , she let the lips of a black man meet with hers and what not. Tom was an innocent human being just like everyone else but a different color , his color made him quilty. After the case was closed he was put in prison. He wasn't there for long becuase of his almost escape. While he tried to escape he was shot a number of times, and thats how he died.....and idk what else to write.....

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i learned that same thing if you shoot a mockingbird you'd have to pay so much money even if it took you at least 9 years to pay off the money that you owe the state for killing a mockingbird.