To Kill a Mockingbird

What does scout do to to make Calpurnia furious


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Jem invites Walter Cunningham over for lunch when he finds out that the boy doesn't have any food. Walter hesitates but then takes Jem up on the friendly offer. At the Finch house, Atticus and Walter discuss farming, and Scout is overwhelmed by their adult speech. Walter asks for some molasses and proceeds to pour it all over his meat and vegetables. Scout rudely asks him what he's doing and Calpurnia gives her a lecture in the kitchen about how to treat guests - even if they're from a family like the Cunninghams.


she gets into a fight with walter cunningham on the first day of school and jem puts a stop to it and asked walter over for dinner, he agrees and when they are having dinner he asks for the syrup and coats it on his supper and jem asks him what the hell he is doing and cal brings her to the kitchen and talks to her

She gets into a fight with Walter Cunningham on the first day of school. Jem puts a stop to the fight.