To Kill a Mockingbird

what do you think of Ewells behaviour in the courtroom?what do u think he means when he says "you got to watch laywers like Atticus Finch"?

what do you think he means

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Bob Ewell controls his daughter. He is responsible for doing unspeakable things to her. Bob is also a social pariah who drowns all his pain in hate and alcohol. THe court trial is his 15 minutes of fame. For a little while he is able to engage generations of bigotry in his favour. Ewell, hence, begins to show a cockiness even though Atticus is making him look quite transparent on the stand. Ewell has the sense enough to know that Atticus is a good lawyer. This is why he warns people against taking Atticus's enlightened arguments to heart. Bob prefers to call the truth simple tricks from a lawyer.