To Kill a Mockingbird

What characters have the courage to break society's code of ethics for this setting? Explain their courageous acts.

Chapter 19

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1) Atticus accepts Judge Taylor's demand (request) that he take in Tom Robinson's defense. Atticus knows that this case could put his family in danger, but he takes it anyway.

2)Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to her church. This was forbidden.

3) Dolphus Raymond lives with his African American mistress (also forbidden).

4) Mrs. Dubose shows "real courage" when she decides she needs to doe without the numbness that morphine provides. She wants to die without drugs, and she is courageous to face the pain of death.

5) Tom Robinson knew that associating with Mayella, even in the form of helping her out could get him into trouble, but he helped her anyway. He died because he was a good neighbor.

6) Sheriff Tate lies on the police report dealing with Bob Ewell's death. He finds compassion for Boo and calls the murder a suicide.


To Kill A Mockingbird