To Kill a Mockingbird

what, briefly, has happened to Arthur "Boo" Radley?

Chapter 1

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Arthur “Boo” Radley lives in the run-down Radley Place. As a boy he got in trouble with the law so his father locked him in the house for 15 years. He then stabbed his father with scissors. When his father died, his brother Nathan moved in and carried on shutting Boo inside.

Arthur "Boo" Radley is a pig who lives in a buchery in the town of Carlingford. He was a respected wamen. One day he shot himself to feed his own family. He was delicious, according to his fam. But little did his fam know, he poisoned himself before he shot himself, so they all died. then Arthur "Boo" Radley lived happily ever after. :D


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