To Kill a Mockingbird

What are 3 examples of how Cal and Atticus are great parents?

What are the things they do for the kids that make them good parents?

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There are many examples that it is difficult to pick from but here goes:

-Atticus constantly gives advice to try and put their own feet in other people's shoes before judging them. (ex Walter Cunningham or Mrs. Dubose)

-Calpurnia is constantly telling the kids what a mother might. She does not let them off easily and instils a sort of discipline that is tempered with love. When Scout feels excluded from Dill and Jem, Cal gently explains how Jem is evolving into a young man

-Much of what Atticus's advice comes by example. He respects elders regardless of the ignorance they may show (his sister, Mrs. Dubose) this is, in part, what is so special about him. From the defending of Tom Robinson to his gentle affirmation that he must do the right thing despite of the odds, Atticus truly advises by example.