To Kill a Mockingbird

Verbal - Visual Essay

I need to have one page filled with pictures that symbolize themes and such of the book and explain what each picture references to in the book. Also I need to put in 5 quotes from the book and 5 quotes from other people (presidents, speakers, celebs, etc...)

Until now I have a scale to represent the injustice, a full white jury, a lonely guy in the room (Boo), a picture of a dead mokingbird (what happened to Tom), pic of slaves (black people of Maycomb weren't slaves per se but were treated in that matter...)

Have any ideas?

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I would have a rifle to symbolise the hidden strength that Atticus has when he shoots Tim Johnson (the rabid dog). You could label this 'One-Shot Finch' A wardrobe or 'chiffarobe' which is shabby could represent the encounter with Mayella and Tom, and also show how little Mayella has of her own.

A broken camellia could symbolise Mrs Dubose and her breaking her addiction. A pair of torn then mended trousers could represent Jem and his relationship with Boo.

This sounds an interesting project; good luck!