To Kill a Mockingbird

To What Are Burris Ewell's, Walter Cunningham's, and Chuck Little's Differences?

  1. Burris Ewell, Walter Cunningham, and Chuck Little are from extremely poor families in Maycomb. There are, however, great differences both in their appearance and attitude. What are those differences? Support your answer with details from the text. Contemplate why you believe these differences exist in these families.

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Burris Ewell can be separated from everyone in Maycomb because of his father. The Ewells are poverty poor but do not try to help themselves. Bob Ewell is a Drunken sod that cannot hold a job and often leaves his kids hungry in a tumble down shack near the garbage dump. Burris always seems dirty and goes to school only one day a year. The Cunninghams are poor but fiercely proud. While Burris would take money, Walter will be indebted to nobody. He attends school and will not even borrow a quarter from the teacher. He comes to school in old clothes but he is always clean. Little chuck little is poor like most of the kids. He however is principled and stands up for people. He comes to Caroline's aid in the classroom.