To Kill a Mockingbird

To kill a mockingbirf HELP PLZ

Can some please give me the reasons why miss caroline wanted to leave maycomb primary school. please help some one

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Miss Caroline is the new teacher in Maycomb. She has no real understanding of the workings of a small town and is baffled and uncomfortable with the way such a society works. She unwittingly upsets Walter Cunningham in offering him charity, and does not understand why the Ewell children only come to school on the first day of each year. She has a good understanding of the theories of education which have been expounded to her, but she has no understanding of how to apply these to an individual (as she shows by saying that Scout should not have learned to read) or a community.

She is not, and cannot see how to be, part of such a community. It is not a surprise that she does not settle.