To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird: Quotes that represent sadness.


To Kill a Mockingbird: QUOTES THAT REPRESENT SADNESS!!!!! :)


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Judge Taylor was polling the jury: "Guilty... guilty... guilty... guilty..." I peeked at Jem: his hands were white from gripping the balcony rail, and his shoulders jerked as if each "guilty" was a separate stab between them. (Ch 21)

Ok, I know I was acting like a fool, and nobody has to be kind to me. I didn't want to be the jerk here. But I was raised as one, because my 4 brothers and 2 sisters acted like fools, and jerks and whatnot. They taught me, "Shut up", and "You're an idiot," when I was just a baby. I'm sorry.



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