To Kill a Mockingbird


"You never really know a man until you've stood in his shoes and walked around in them". What have the children learnt from this life lesson?

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This quote relates to the novel because as a young girl Scout doesn't understand the racism and bias she's surrounded by. She looks at everything through her own innocence; she expects people to act like she's been taught to act, and she doesn't understand why people become so angry and afraid. Atticus gives her this advice because she's making judgments that she's not only too young to make, but that she's too inexperienced to make. He simply telling her to put herself in someone else's position before she judges them.

Examples of this would be the children's belief in rumors about Boo; the prayer group that's unwilling to afford the people in their own community the same compassion for those overseas, and lastly..... Tom Robinson..... a man judged by nothing other than the color of his skin. Atticus' advice exposes the ignorance of the community and sets an example for the Finch children.


To Kill a Mockingbird

Which part of the story is that second example from?

The second example is from Chapter Twenty-four.

Thank you so much for all your help. I now have a very clear vision of my essay.

You're very welcome.