To Kill a Mockingbird

to kill a mockingbird ch 1 -11

What things happened to the children that they could not find answers for?

.What were the children at school calling Atticus?

What did Atticus tell to children to do when they heard other children call him names?

What did Atticus explain to them about this? How was Atticus preparing the children for
what was going to happen that summer?

Why did Scout consider that her father did not do anything? Explain.

When and why is the title of the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" mentioned?

Who revealed things about Atticus to the children? What things did she tell the children
about atticus?

.Why didn't Atticus himself show the children that he could do those things?

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The children could not find answers for the mystery of Boo Radley, although deep in their hearts they probably knew the truth. There were the gifts in the tree hole as well. They also had more existential questions about Tom Robinson's crime and racism within their town.