To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

i need help!! i have write an editorial about Mr. Underwood and a tom robison court case.. i need to describe what happened we the KKK came to the jail..

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Do you mean IF the KKK were to come to the jail? They never actually come. The group of men that shows up the nigth before the trial is not the KKK; it's just some men who want to take justice into their own hands. The KKK would have been dressed in sheets and carrying torches.

The group at the jail arrives very late, hoping to kill Tom. How they intend to get him out of the cell is unknown; maybe they planned to shoot through the window bars. Atticus Finch was warned of a possible ruckus, so he stations himself outside the jail. When the men arrive, he calmly tells them to go home. They explain that they have sent Heck Tate out on a false report. The whole conversation is interrupted by the Finch children. After Scout talks to Walter Cunningham, he tells the men to go home.

How a newsman might report this is up to you. Mr. Underwood does witness the scene, but does he understand it as Atticus does? Would he want to tell the entire town that a little girl unwittingly thwarted a bunch of men?

Remember, Mr. Underwood supports Atticus Finch. Although he hates Negroes, he writes the editorial about Tom's death being a tragedy. He would probably write that the mob was in the wrong and good thing that Mr. Finch was there to head off a lynching/shooting.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic. In fact, as Harper Lee’s only novel it’s astounding in its reach and relevance even today. It was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and has never been out of print since it was released. No wonder it’s a staple in any English class and stands as perfect proof of how a single book can make you a better person. I found it to be very useful.