To Kill a Mockingbird

To kill a mocking bird Justice

HEY i need urgent help! please give me some ideas! DO you think that justice is ultimately prevailed in to kill a mocking bird?


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SOME ONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fact that the question says "Do you think" indicates that you should, um, . . . THINK about the question and give your own opinion.

Bob Ewell attempted to harm (kill?) the Finch children. Boo Radley stopped him by killing him. Heck Tate has no intention of making a truthful report about this; instead, he will lie and say that Bob fell on his knife. Do you think this is okay? Do you agree with Sheriff Tate? Or do you think he should tell the truth and let the town know that Boo Radley killed another man? Do you think that Bob deserved to die, or do you think Boo should be prosecuted for taking another human's life?

Answer those questions, and then explain WHY you believe as you do.

In other words, instead of screaming for help, you need to help yourself. Your answer is in your own head.

Justice was not done for Tom Robinson who died while trying to escape the sham "justice" that prevailed for southern blacks at the time.