To Kill a Mockingbird

The knives

So just to clarify, Bob attacks Scout with the switchblade that leaves the mark on her costume, and is "taken off a drunk" by Heck; and Boo comes to help already armed with his own kitchen knife that ends up in Bobs ribs, and part of Hecks cover up is his removal of the switchblade to help make the case for the "accidentally falling" on his own knife.

Or am I over complicating?

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No, you have it right. Heck found the swithblade at the scene, dropped by Bob during the struggle.

Yes, you're correct. Another well known thought is that Heck actually retold the story, and that the real one is that Boo killed Bob so the children could escape unscathed. Then, Heck made up the story of Bob killing himself so Boo wouldn't have to go to court.

Of course, this is just a theory and Bob Ewell might've actually killed himself. But yes, you are correct.