To Kill a Mockingbird

Scout's neighborhood map

I need to draw a map of Scout's neighborhood layout on a posterboard which is due on Monday. I need to know what the order of who lives in each house next to the Finch's. So far, I have that Mr.s Dubose lives two houses north of Scout and the Radleys live 3 houses to the south. I also have that the school is behind the Radleys place.

Which house is Miss Rachels, is it to the north next to Mrs Dubose or to the south next to the Radleys. Where does Miss Maudie live? How about the courthouse and who lives near that.

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!

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I believe Miss Maudie lives across the street.

Mr. Avery lives nearby.

Mrs. Dubose's house is between Finches' and downtown; the children have to pass her house whenever they walk downtown.

There is a curve in the road just past the Radley house: When Tim Johnson is staggering up the street, his path appears to be heading for the Radley front yard.

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