To Kill a Mockingbird

scout felt that the school system?

what does scout feel about the school system?

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Although Scout is initially excited to attend school and learn, she is disappointed when she finally does. Her teacher, Miss Caroline Fisher, does not bother to relate with the children. When Scout complains about the situation to Jem, he brushes her off, concluding that her teacher is just trying new things.

Scout has trouble at school because she is so far ahead of everyone else. She reads, writes and interoperates information on a much higher level than her peers. Scout also sees her new teacher Miss. Caroline struggle with the realities of teaching in a rural school. Scout attempts to help her out with information about local history and family reputations but nothing seems to go right for her. To Scout, the system is unfair both socially and intellectually. Scout asks Atticus if she may say home but, in his gentle way, he is able to come up with a "compromise" with her; she can keep reading at home if she keeps going to school.