To Kill a Mockingbird

romeo and juliet ACT 1 would you describe Romeo's friends, Mercution? What kind of a person is he? How does his personality differ from that of Benvolio? 2.list two ways in which Lord Capulet demonstrates that he is indeed the head of his household. 3. What do you know about Romeo, Juliet, Lors Capulet, Tybalt, Mercution, Benvolio, Prince, Paris

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Can you please submit these questions separately ? I'll take your Mercutio question first. Mercutio is passionate; ythat's simply the best word for him. He loves his friends and he pushes life to the limit. Unlike Benvolio, who is cautious, Mercutio tests people and situations. His feelings are very much part of his Queen Mab speech. The whole speech is based on pagan Celtic mythology. Mercutio’s speech is laced with sexual innuendo. The words “queen” and “mab” refer to whores in Elizabethan England. As his speech goes on we notice the subtext get increasingly sexual culminating with Mab teaching Maidens how to have sex. Mercutio gets pretty hot and bothered by his own rhetoric . On the surface he means to poke fun at Romeo’s romantic obsessions. Mercutio gets all sweaty and intense by the end of his speech. Romeo attempts to calm his friend down, “Peace Mercutio…you talk of nothing.” We get the sense that there is something way more personal here than simply a prostitute fairy who teaches maidens to have sex. Mercutio clearly wants Romeo for more than hanging out by the tomato stall. There is pent up frustration on Mercutio’s part both emotionally and sexually.

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