To Kill a Mockingbird


What Quotes Should I learn To Put into essays about to Kill A Mockig Bird??...I Don't Know Any and I Don't Kow Which Ones To Learn...HELP!!!!

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Scout comments that she had developed the notion that fine folks were people who did the best they could with the sense they had. I don't think this is in quotation marks in the text, but it still applies as a quote because you are borrowing it from Harper Lee.

When you need a quote from a text, choose a statement that you can explain further to a mythical reader who has read the text but doesn't understand it as well as you do. In the example above, develop the idea by mentioning specific characters and how they fit that definition of fine folks. Another strategy is to compare this view with other characters' views of fine folks; for example, Alexandra thinks that a person's name determines fineness. Others believe that race determines whether one is fine or not.