To Kill a Mockingbird

Provide specific examples from the text that prove how each of the following can be a theme of the first part: Tolerance Prejudice

I have no idea how to answer this

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What do you mean by the first part? Of the novel?

There are many examples of both prejudice and tolerance. Was there specific chapters you wanted?

any chapter from part 1

it doesnt matter where its from as long as it is from part 1

I don't have parts in my book but I can guess. You might consider the initial experiences between the kids and Boo Radley. In childish exuberance, they try to get a look at him. When Atticus finds out, he gives them a speech on how Boo deserves his privacy and others must respect and be tolerant of people that are different. Atticus often says that tolerance comes from walking in another person's shoes. Calpurnia lectures Scout when she remarks on Walter's table manners. Cal tells Scout that Walter is a guest and Scout must be tolerant of what he does. In part one there are more subtle prejudices. We learn there is a Negro section to the town and blacks and whites are segregated.