To Kill a Mockingbird

Please help me with five questions from act one. I need it tommorow please HELP.

What does Miss Stephanie Crawford's description of family traits tell you about:
-The Maycomb attitude to the past?
-Prejudice in Maycomb?

Is there any connection between the fact that Atticus does not conform to his children's view of 'manliness' and his intention to defend Tom Robinson in the forthcoming trial?

Why does Jem want Atticus to play in the touch football game?

What do you learnabout Bob and Mayella Ewell from their first brief appearance? (Why do Cal and the Reverend Sykes stop talking when they enter?)

Can you find any evidence in act one to suggest that the church is an important part of the lives of the people in maycomb?

I am an German studend please help me. 

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Hi, you need to submit these one question at a time. Danke!