To Kill a Mockingbird

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Chapters 1-4

1- Is Scout a boy or girl? Black or white? how do you know?

2- Cite details from the text to establish the setting of the novel.

3a- What does Scout tell us about the history of the town? What is life like there when Scout is growning up?

3b- What do we learn anout the history of Scout's family? How is the history linked with that of Maycomb?

3c- Briefly relate the history of the Radley's. What do you find odd about them? In what ways do they differ from the Finches?

4- Briefly explain why Boo is kept locked up. Describe the legend of Boo.

5-ill's curiosity about Boo Radley sparks a series of attempted encounters with this mysterious, invisible neighbor. Summerize each of the following "encounters" with Boo:

a- The dare

b- The runaway tire

6a- What do the children find so fascinating about Boo Radley/

6b- What is the children's motive in each of these incidents?

6c- What evidence is given to illustrate that there actions are not going unnoticed?

Thanks soooooo much. Even if you only know one or two answers, it'll help so much. My grandfather just passed away and these are due tomorrow. I cant read fast enough though..

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Youch! That's quite a bit. At least from 1 to 3B look at the answers I gave you. It's all there. Also the first chapter is pretty straight forward and easy. Read it and if you still have questions, I'm sure you can get help here.

1) a girl, white, she comes from an old southern family that used to own slaves; her father is persona non grata in town for defending a black man.

2) The fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama, 1933–1935

3a) second part, Maycomb, a tired, poor, old town in the grips of the Great Depression.

3b) The first of her ancestors to come to America was a fur-trader and apothecary named Simon Finch, who fled England to escape religious

persecution and established a successful farm on the banks of the Alabama River. The farm, called Finch’s Landing, supported the family for many years. The first Finches to make a living away from the farm were Scout’s father, Atticus Finch, who became a lawyer in the nearby town of Maycomb, and his brother, Jack Finch, who went to medical school in Boston. Their sister, Alexandra Finch, stayed to run the Landing.

3c) the Radleys never went out, didn't go to church (worshipped at home), never joined a missionary circle, and nobody knew how they made a living.

4) Arthur “Boo” Radley lives in the run-down Radley Place, and no one has seen him outside it in years. Scout recounts how, as a boy, Boo got in trouble with the law and his father imprisoned him in the house as punishment. He was not heard from until fifteen years later, when he stabbed his father with a pair of scissors. Although people suggested that Boo was crazy, old Mr. Radley refused to have his son committed to an asylum. When the old man died, Boo’s brother, Nathan, came to live in the house with Boo. Nevertheless, Boo continued to stay inside.

5a) Dill is fascinated by Boo and tries to convince the Finch children to help him lure this phantom of Maycomb outside. Eventually, he dares Jem to run over and touch the house. Jem does so, sprinting back hastily; there is no sign of movement at the Radley Place, although Scout thinks that she sees a shutter move slightly, as if someone were peeking out.

You might want to break these questions up into different capsules; there are other teachers answering questions, and you might get the info you need a little quicker that way.


5b) the runaway tire contained Scout and took her for a rather bumpy ride; the tire stopped at the front stairs of the Radley house.


To Kill a Mockingbord

6a) he's a mystery......... that's what they find so fascinating. Boo is the unknown.

6b) Their motive is to see if they can get him to come outside or to catch a glimpse of him.

6c) Scout heard laughter from inside of Boo's house; he was laughing at the children


To kill a Mockingbird