To Kill a Mockingbird

One postive quote and one negative quote about scout


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Scout is such a kind soul. She uses her innocence to remind Mr. Cunningham that he is hurting his friend who helps him out when he brings the mob of men to Atticus.

Don't you remember me, Mr. Cunningham? I'm Jean Louise Finch. You brought us some hickory nuts one early morning, remember? We had a talk. I went and got my daddy to come out and thank you. I go to school with your boy. I go to school with Walter; he's a nice boy. Tell him 'hey' for me, won't you? You know something, Mr. Cunningham, entailments are bad. Entailments...


"Bad" is such a poor word to describe Scout in any context. I'm not sure I can come up with what you are looking for. At times she is scrappy and fiesty but I would not call her "bad".