To Kill a Mockingbird

On what single key issue does Atticus build his case? What kinds of strategies does he use to elicit the truth? Why do you think Mayella resents Atticus?

i dont get it help please?

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Atticus builds his case on the fact that Mayella seemed to have been beaten by a left handed person. Mayella's father was left handed—Tom's left hand was withered and useless. Atticus shows this by asking her to identify the man who raped her, and Mayella points to Tom, who Atticus asks to stand. Everyone in the courtroom notices that Tom's left arm is twelve inches shorter than his right, due to an accident in his youth when the arm got stuck a cotton gin.

Atticus questions why no medical care has been given.

Mayella resents Atticus because he makes her look like a liar and a fool.


Beaten by a left handed person must be exceptionally hurtful. Tom Robinson's case dealt was when he beat 19 year old Mayella Ewell, daughter of Bob Ewell. Everybody (meaning everybody, every single person) notices Tom left hand is crippled. Atticus asks Mayella's father if he contacted any medical care right away. But Bob didn't call medical care at all. Mayella's right eye was black and swollen.

But why wouldn't Bob call any medical care right away? That's not good.