To Kill a Mockingbird

Maycomb county map

Hi guys I need some help on drawing a TKAM map. I was wondering if anyone knew what the Finch house looks like in the book. (not finches landing) I was also wondering does ms. haverford live to the north or south of the Finches? And lastly what is the layout of the town square. I know that the court house is in the middle and the jail is to the east but what about the rest? Any info would be very helpful thanks sooo much!

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Well in the book it says at the end of the block going north there was the post office ,were scout and jem wait for atticus to go home, and as for the town square if you have the book on pg 160, when the kids are on there way to the court house, it say there's alot of trees and a drugstore I hope that helps :)