To Kill a Mockingbird

Lots of questions.....

1-What physical harm did Jem experience after his twelfth birthday?

2-Where did the men of the Finch family live and in what career by family tradition?

3-Where did Atticus go to get his law degree?

4-What happens to his first two sisters?

5-What did Jean and Jem's mother die from, and how old was Scout at that time?

6-What terrible crime did Boo Radley commit and why wasn't he locked up in the jailhouse?

7-What were the myths about Boo that Jem had told to the other kids?

8-Why did the teacher hit Scout's hand with a ruler?

9-What did Scout do to Walter and why?

10-Why was Burris sent home, and what was he told to do when he got home?

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These are simple comprehension questions.

Thanks, i figured them out.