To Kill a Mockingbird

I've got a few questions concerning To Kill a Mockingbird please!!

Discuss the concept of education. Does Lee argue for a dominance of education in the home or institutionalized education? What evidence does she provide?

Trace the theme of the mockingbird throughout the novel and analyze what the bird symbolizes or represents.

Trace Boo Radley's development from monster to savior. How does Scout's understanding of Boo develop? What lessons does Boo teach Scout?

Discuss Atticus's approach to parenting. What is his relationship with his children? Can his parenting style be criticized? If so, how?

Discuss the town of Maycomb as you might discuss a main character in the book. What is the identity or "character" of the town, and how (if at all) does it change and grow over the years? How does its diversity give it a pluralistic character?

If you do not think you can answer these both at the same time, (though I far doubt you will), please let me know so I can minimize my questions!



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This is too long. Please submit your questions separately