To Kill a Mockingbird

is cal humble?

how does she show her humility

and exaple please

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Calpurnia is a strong black woman. She is proud of where she comes from and she is also proud of the two white children she is helping Atticus bring up. Calpurnia really survived incredible odds. She is educated beyond what most white people are and she educated Zebo through using one page of a Bible at a time. I think Calpurnia's humbleness comes from her strength. This might sound odd but despite all she has to be proud about, we never hear her complain. Not for a minute does she ever feel she is ode something by the white community or is deceiving her black community. Calpurnia probably has had much unfairness in her life. Being a single black woman was most certainly a difficult thing to do at the time. She, however, bears her burdens with dignity. She is in many ways much like Atticus except a little more opinionated. Many of characters in this novel would be lucky to be half the person Cal. is.