To Kill a Mockingbird


do you think calpurnia treats scout to harshly by yealling at her?

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how come u cant just answer my question without all the other bull shit!

It is important to notice that Scout's criticisms of Calpurnia are very early in the book. As the story progresses Scout begins to describe Calpurnia much more favourably. Cal's discipline is always tempered with the caring. She does not shout rather than teach Scout lessons about life the only way she knows how. She is still stern but always acts out of love for the children that have really become her own. My point is that I don't think it is Cal that changer rather than Scout who matures. Scout's early depiction of Cal as a tyrant is really just Cal taking on the role of mother. Cal walks a fine line between looking like merely a black housekeeper to the town and actually bringing up Scout and Jem with Atticus. By the end of the novel Scout sees Cal the way we (the reader) always suspected; she is a better parent than most kids in Maycomb could hope to have.