To Kill a Mockingbird

In To Kill A Mocking Brid, how would you characterize the basis of lem and scouts beliefs about boo?

rumors say boo eats squirrels/ cats and looks through peoples windows at night. people also say he stabbed his father wit scissors

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THese are myths borne out of the imagination of children. There is no basis for them. They are simply "ghost stories" meant to excite their imaginations.

Maycomb is an old town where everyone knows everyone. Reputation is everything. If you know anyone's last name, you know all about him/her. All the Bufords walk that way, the truth is not in the Delafields, Haverford is "in Maycombe County a name synonymous with Jackass." The children have grown up hearing the various stories of the various families and have come to believe them. So, the Radley myth is just another of those stories. Through personal experience, they come to understand that those stories are not to be trusted: each individual must be evaluated on his/her own merit.