To Kill a Mockingbird

In chapter 28 why is it important that scout doesnt identify the rescuer

Its from the book to kill a mockingbird

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We realise that Scout and Jem are rescued from the clutches of Bob Ewell by Boo Radley. It is important that Boo is not identified as part of the events as he is such a vulnerable person he would be unable to cope with the attentions of the town being focused on him, and for people to realise that he did indeed leave the house. More importantly, however, Bob Ewell is found dead after the encounter. Boo has had enough negative speculation around him that he should not have to bear the intensity of questioning that could arise. By keeping quiet, Scout assists the story that Heck Tate gives which is that Bob Ewell 'fell on his knife'.


'To Kill a Mockingbird' -Harper Lee