To Kill a Mockingbird

in chapter 10 in to kill a mockingbird, What are the effects of the chapter's main events on Atticus, Jem, and Scout

Its in chapter 10

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Atticus reluctantly shoots the rabid dog. Scout and Jem are astonished at what a good shot their father is. Jem is especially dumbstruck with the accuracy of his father's shot. Miss Maudie tells the children that their father used to be known as "One-Shot Finch," the best dead-shot in the county. She says he doesn't shoot unless he has to, because he feels that when he holds a gun, God has given him an unfair advantage over living beings. Scout wants to tell everyone in school about the incident, but Jem tells her not to. Jem explains that he wouldn't care if Atticus "couldn't do a blessed thing," because Atticus is a gentleman. Atticus is humble about it as always.