To Kill a Mockingbird

I need to analysis the themes , conflicts, characters, and symbolism

TO Kill a Mockinbird .. PLEASE COULD someone assist IT's due tonight I have NO clue how to start

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That's a lot of stuff to fit in here. I can give you a few suggestions but all of it would take half the night.


Good and Evil- This has more to do with the fact that good and evil can exist together and often mix. Consider Atticus Finch on the extreme good side and Bob Ewell on the extreme bad. The rest of the town are in-between; they are shades of grey.

Moral Education- Scout and Jem undergo a great moral education both from Atticus and their experiences in Maycomb.

Social Justice- Atticus stands up for what is right, even in the face of overwhelming odds and bigotry.

Conflicts have much to do with the themes. There is Atticus taking on a cause in the face of extreme antagonism from the town. There is Scout and Jem learning that their conflict with Boo Radley is merely from their own imagination.

Symbols- The Mockingbird- Both Tom Robinson and Boo Radley both try to do good things but are victimized.

-All the stuff that Boo stuffs in the tree for Scout and Jem.


Atticus-Social justice, progressive, gentle, idealistic, empathetic

Scout- Stubborn, tomboy, idealistic, empathetic (much like her father), feisty

Jem- level headed, smart, loyal, strong willed (like his father)

Calpurnia- Caring, strong spirit, tough but loving with Scout and Jem.

Bob Ewell- bigoted, evil, ignorant, lazy, spiteful, pathetic

You can see that this can go on for a long time. Try to think about what I have suggested and relate the qualities to other characters. Good Luck!