To Kill a Mockingbird

I need some help please!

Chapters 1-3:

1- Describe the background of the Radley's.

2- Explain at least two lessons Scout faces when she goes to school.

3-Explain Atticus's perspective about the Ewells and the Finches.

4-Explain how the historical context plays a role in these chapters.

Chapters 4-6:

1-What role does Boo Radley place in the children's lives in these chapters?

2- Why do you think Jen cries in chapter seven?

Chapter 9:

1-Explain how Atticus defending Tom Robinson affects the family.

Chapters 10&11:

1- What do Jem and Scout learn about the adults in their life (Atticus ad Mrs. Dubose)? Explain.

Chapters 12-14:

1-How are Scout and Jem changing and maturing?

2-What do the children realize about their church opposed to Calpurnia's?

3- What is so important to Aunt Alexandra?

4- Why does Dill really run away from home?

Chapters 15&16:

1-How do the children break the mob outside the county jail?

2-How do you feel about Dolphus Raymond's choices? (keep in mind the time period)

I know this is a lot. But it will be soooooo helpful. I had a huuuuge packet of these questions and I go most of them done but these couple I just kinda gave up on. These questions are due tomorrow and I cant read the whole first half with the minimal time I have. If you can help, I thank you soooooo much!!!

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Hey, you need to submit each of your questions separately. I'll do your first one here,

Boo Radley is recluse who seldom emerges from his house. As a young boy, he was in trouble with the police, and his strictly religious and reclusive parents have kept him indoors ever since. A prisoner in his home, he stabbed his father with scissors once, and no one has seen him since. The town has developed a myth that he is an insane monster who wanders around at night peering into people's windows. Throughout the book, he lives with his brother, who is highly controlling.