To Kill a Mockingbird

i need major help please

i need held on comparing and contrasting scout in the novel as well as in the move and comparing and contrasting jem in the novel as well as in the movie

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Scout and Jem do not visit Calpurnia's church with her in the movie (1)

In the plot with Jem and the tree, in the novel, he and Scout do not see Mr. Nathan Radley cement the tree, whereas in the film, they do.

The subplot where Jem goes to Mrs. Dubose's home to read to her as she attempts to overcome her opiate addiction is omitted in the movie.

In the film, Atticus allows Jem to come with him to the Robinson home to inform them of Tom's death. In the novel, this job is given to Calpurnia, although Jem and Dill are with them because Jem was teaching Dill to swim and were reluctantly picked up by Atticus on the way over to the Robinson home.

There are no fights between Jem and Scout in the film, whereas in the book there are quite a few.

The "romance" between Dill and Scout as featured in the novel is entirely left out of the film. (3)

A larger difference in the movie pertained to Mrs. Dubose. Mrs. Dubose did make a small appearance in the movie, but her role was cut down quite a bit from what it was originally in the book. Mrs. Dubose, a morphine addict, played a large role in Jem's life. She constantly harassed Scout and Jem, insulted their father, and just made life miserable for them. When Jem lost his temper, he took it out on Mrs. Dubose's flower garden. His punishment was to read to Mrs. Dubose to help her break her addiction. When she died, Atticus gave Jem a lesson in what it is to have courage. (2)


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