To Kill a Mockingbird

How would you describe Mayella Ewell? Why is it possible to feel both pity and comtempt for her?

Chapter 18

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Mayella is the epitome of an abused child. She seeks attention, she's afraid of her father, and she lacks self esteem. She's too frightened to tell what her father has done, and for her to admit what he's done to her would be far more shameful and unbearable than to convict an innocent man. I think most people would find her pitiable; I find her weak............ probably not the right answer, but that's my own opinion. On the other hand, people are more often than not a product of their environment, and you have to pity her for never having the opportunity to have known anything different.


To Kill a Mockingbird/ Chapter 18

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To kill a mocking bird chapter 18