To Kill a Mockingbird

How is the lynching-mob presuaded to give up their attempt on Tom Robinson's life? Describe Scout's role in these events.

chapter 15
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Scout, Jem and Dill sneak out of the house and run to the court-hose where Atticus is guarding Tom Robinson. Sure enough a mob of white men show up lead by Mr. Cunningham. Atticus refuses to let the men at Tom Robinson. They are a lynch mob and Atticus will not let them near his client. Some words are passed and the standoff has the threat of violence in the air. The kids run out. Jem refuses to leave. Scout spots Mr. Cunningham and asks him about his son and his legal problems (that her dad helps him with for next to nothing). Scout speaks to him in a friendly and kind way infused with the innocence of a child. Mr. Cunningham can't help but come to his senses and the tension is broken.