To Kill a Mockingbird

How is the character of Boo Radley Presented in the book to kill a mocking bird

I am writing an essay and I need a few ideas to get me started, I just need the opening so far. I have to firstly write about how boo is presented at the opening of the novel. If you can help thanks.

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I the beginning of the story, Boo is presented as a local legend in a bad way. He is seen as a monster by children and a creepy oddity by adults.

Boo Radley

A recluse who never emerges from his house. As a young boy, he was in trouble with the police, and his strictly religious and reclusive parents have kept him indoors ever since. A prisoner in his home, he stabbed his father with scissors once, and no one has seen him since. The town has developed a myth that he is an insane monster who wanders around at night peering into people's windows. Throughout the book, he lives with his brother, who is highly controlling.


yes , his character was good