To Kill a Mockingbird

How has Jem changed in the times he read to Mrs. Dubose?

in To Kill a Mockingbird chap 11 :)

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I think that Jem learns exactly what Atticus has been teaching them. He learns there is more to this old lady than her cantankerous exterior . Jem learns that she has had a life and experiences. Jem learns to be patient with her. His reward is to see a different side of her. He sees not just a rude old lady but a person of great strength and dignity.

Jem learns that Mrs. Dubose is old, weak, and ill. She doesn't have much strength in her body because she's been taking medications. She's morphined. She has morphine addictation which means she cant stop taking it. My grandmother is morphine addictation too. She's just like Mrs. Dubose!