To Kill a Mockingbird

How does the writer build your curiosity and suspense ?

From Chapters 1-8

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Harper lee sets up the background story of all the characters in these chapters. Questions about Boo Radley, the Tom Robinson trial and the Ewell family are built up and keep the reader turning the page. 

I suppose he uses climax at certain points where the readers just begins to have the curiosity to know more. I think climax is very useful due to the fact it makes the readers want to read on and if the author uses climax on a character then it's a good score. Some character like Boo is useful for this type of climax or suspense because he's a mysterious fellow. He is also accused by some neighbours like Stephanie Crawford. There is this mysterious and curiosity air around the reader which enforces the reader to read on or even to want to know who Boo is.

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The book 📚

(SPOILER!!!)The writer constantly mentions Boo in the story and gives the reader false information about Boo being an evil creature when near the end of the story we descover that Boo was really lonely, needing a friend and is really a good guy. Doing this, the author pulls your attention towords the story giving you plenty of questions after the story.

~Nøah Øverfield